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Underworld. PsychoPenis is dancing in the dark

Have you ever seen a dancing penis? Watch PsychoPenis in his exclusive wild performance till he comes. For you he follows Orpheus in the underworld ...

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Valkyrie. PsychoPenis comes without touching

Watch how PsychoPenis grows and grows and suddenly comes. Without any touching, just by himself ... a miracle!

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Orgasm. PsychoPenis' cum is ready to be harvested

A mysterious room. PsychoPenis gets tied up by a crazy harvester. The harvester uses a tool to make him come. He just wants to get his cum.

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Vagina. PsychoPenis comes inside her

What does a vagina look like inside during sex? PsychoPenis shows it to you ...

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Asparagus. PsychoPenis is a veggie ...

Asparagus and PsychoPenis. Cut and Cum.

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Pollination. PsychoPenis helps the bees

During the last year more and more bees have died. That is why we have to help them to pollinate flowers. PsychoPenis shows you how to do it.

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Defloration. PsychoPenis busts her melon

In wonderful ceremony PsychoPenis deflorates a delicate fruit and adds his cum.

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Sperm Donation. PsychoPenis donates his cum

A mysterious operating theatre. A crazy doctor. A bound PsychoPenis. The doctor uses a tool to make PsychoPenis come and steals his cum.

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Cocktail. Part I: Cum-in Colada

You want to create the perfect cocktail? Just add a very special ingredient: your cum. Your friends will love it at your next party. PsychoPenis shows you how to do it!

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